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Gilman Contemporary

Located in the resort community of Sun Valley, Gilman Contemporary has established itself as a leading contemporary gallery in the Northwest. The award-winning gallery represents established as well as up and coming artists whose recognition in the art world continues to grow. Collectors across the US and abroad appreciate the unparalleled service and knowledge L’Anne Gilman and her colleagues provide. Throughout the year, the gallery exhibits new work by each of their nationally and internationally celebrated painters, sculptors and photographers.


Melvin Sokolsky, Imagination in Flight

Thumbnail : Melvin Sokolsky, Imagination in Flight

(Sun Valley, Idaho—June 26-July 29, 2017) Gilman Contemporary celebrates iconic photographer Melvin Sokolsky with a retrospective of photographs by the illustrious artist. His work is characterized by his sense of fantasy and invention, surrealism and illusion. Sokolsky was born and raised in New York City where he started his career as a photographer. At the […]

“Arboles Venerabile”, an exhibition of paintings by Jill Lear

Thumbnail : “Arboles Venerabile”, an exhibition of paintings by Jill Lear

Jill Lear ~ Arboles Venerabile January 21-February 28, 2017 “It starts with a single tree in the landscape: ancient, complex, grotesque even, and witness to history.” Gilman Contemporary presents Arboles Venerabiles, an exhibition of paintings by Jill Lear. Lear is a painter whose primary subject and inspiration are trees, but that would be too simple. Sun […]

Rodney Smith: 45 Years of Photography

Thumbnail : Rodney Smith: 45 Years of Photography

Rodney Smith: 45 Years of Photography. “The shortest distance between reality and mystery is photography” ~ Rodney Smith His photographs are familiar to many:  silhouettes and skylines, a man in a hat, elegant women in elegant gardens. The success of his work lies in the fact that his photographs look as if they were born […]

Jane Maxwell: Flux

Thumbnail : Jane Maxwell: Flux

Jane Maxwell explores the multidimensional woman in her paintings and cut aluminum and plexiglass sculptures. Using aged movie posters, produce crate labels and advertising signs, which are then sanded, scraped and resurfaced, Maxwell creates works with paint, texture and text that invite viewers to look beyond the surface. Seeking to deconstruct the myth of what […]