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Community-wide Food Assessment

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Do you ever wonder how many people are facing hunger in our valley? How far our food is traveling to get here? How much food comes from local and regional farmers? How our food prices compare to other counties? What kinds of foods are being served in our public institutions? How much the food industry impacts our local economy? These are just some of the questions that led The Hunger Coalition to embark on a Community Food Assessment (CFA).

CFAs have been conducted in hundreds of forward-looking communities across the country, with the ultimate goal of creating healthy food systems. The Blaine County CFA will examine a broad range of issues and assets as identified by the community stakeholders who participate. Some of those issues may include: food security, productive capacity of the land and economic development opportunities. From the assessment, Blaine County can get a better understanding of the local food system to better our environmental, economic, social and nutritional health.

The CFA will cover all of Blaine County, as well as the regional food shed. This year-long endeavor will be completed in the fall of next year, but implementing the recommendations from the assessment will be a continual process.

The Hunger Coalition is leading the effort with the assistance of community participation. This intensive project is also made possible with the help of two AmeriCorps VISTA members and the support of the Boise State University Public Policy Research Center.

The general public, health organizations, interested business owners and others in the food industry are strongly encouraged to participate. Contact Emily Slike at, 208-721-4884, for more information or visit and sign up online to participate!

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