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Garden Family Hour!

Thumbnail : Garden Family Hour!

Join us for Garden Family Hour at The Hunger Coalition’s Hope Garden! Explore this magical garden with a scavenger hunt and harvesting activity! July 15 August 8 August 26 10 am – 11:30 pm Engage your children in- :community services :hunger awareness :nutrition awareness :gardening practices

Kids Cafe Serving Free Breakfasts!

Thumbnail : Kids Cafe Serving Free Breakfasts!

Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day for people to perform their best. Breakfast is even more important for kids. Their developing brains and growing bodies crave the nutrition from food, and when they skip breakfast, they don’t get the fuel needed to function properly. That’s why The Hunger Coalition and the […]

Outdated Electronics? We Have the Answer for You!

Thumbnail : Outdated Electronics? We Have the Answer for You!

It seems just when I’ve figured out my new phone, computer, or IPOD, something faster, sleeker, and cooler comes along and another round of updating begins. But what do we do with the old stuff when the new stuff arrives? Thankfully we have a lot of easy options so that the old stuff doesn’t end […]